Thursday 6th - Monday 10th
January 2022

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“Poor images are dragged around the globe as commodities or their effigies, as gifts or as bounty. They spread pleasure or death threats, conspiracy theories or bootlegs, resistance or stultification. Poor images show the rare, the obvious, and the unbelievable -- that is, if we can still manage to decipher it.”
- Hito Steyerl, The Wretched of the Screen: In Defense of the Poor Image

‘Resistance or stultification’ is an exhibition based on intrigue and identification, acknowledgement and recognition. As digital imagery becomes tokenized, shared, altered, augmented, and thrown from one group chat to the next, the subjects will always remain the same, yet often become interpreted differently. When viewing these obscurities, we naturally divert our minds into recognition of what they once may have been, through memory and/or association, resisting natural and primary purpose and conforming to a stultified state.

Studying Design and Conceptual Arts has allowed Harry Boulter to take a different approach to traditional ideas of Graphic Design. Whilst remaining very heavily research based, Boulter seeks to constantly question the practice through experimenting, exploring theory and seeking new ideas, developing a new ground of work which resembles the term ‘expanded’ designer. Never restricting to just one medium, he has the belief that exploring design as an on going ever changing practice is what makes it have such an important role in society, thus “greatly impacting” his work.

Anna Clegg is an emerging award winning artist who in 2020 obtained a First in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art.  She won the inaugural Chipping Campden Court Barn Bursary awarded in 2016.  A £2,000 prize presented by the Guild of Handicraft Trust for the most outstanding arts student going on to study an Arts Foundation Year. In 2018 she won the Worshipful Company of Painter Stainers painting award, a £10,000 prize awarded to the most promising painter at Chelsea School of Art, independently judged by practicing RA members.  During the course of her studies at Chelsea she attended Universitie der Kunste in Berlin for six months to broaden her skill sets in all areas of her practice.  Since graduating her work has been included in several group shows in London and global digital shows.

Monday Nov 5 2018

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